Welcome to the ACME Cup for 2023

The ACME COMPANIES (Acme Car Co., Berrien Buggy by Acme, Acme Composites and Acme Trailer Works Inc) are pleased to announce the continuation of a series of gravity racing, based on affixing a chassis, axles and wheels to a Volkswagen or Porsche 356 valve cover that are sourced from air cooled Volkswagen engines, types 1,2,3,& 4 as shown below: 

There will be a series of races throughout the year.  At these races there will be 3 trophies awarded, 1st place, 2nd place based on competition, and a peoples choice trophy for the most creative or interesting Valve Cover car.  Points are also awarded for top finishing positions and will accumulate during the season.  A final Season Champion “King of the Covers” will be crowned at ACME’s annual Bugs by the River event in late September along with an engraved trophy and a $100.00 gift certificate. 

Please browse this site for Rules, Car Regulations and the scoring system we have in place for the 2023 season.

Contact ACME to get your Free VW Valve cover

Feel free to stop by our main shop in New Cumberland, PA and inquire about picking up a free Valve Cover from a huge stock of used engine components to start your build.  

Address:  201 Ross Ave, New Cumberland, PA 17070
Hours:  8 AM to 5:30 PM Weekdays

OR call us at our main phone number at (717) 774-9450 and ask for Anthony Getty. 

Simply pay for shipping charges and we will mail you out an old valve cover perfectly capable to modify and decorate for your build.

"The King of the Covers"

Please meet our 2022 “King of the Covers” Champion, Jeane Cortright.  

Jeane masterfully drove a Valve Cover built by her husband Jeff Cortright of ACE’s Racing.  Only running in the final two races of the 2022 season, Jeane took the win in both events.  The two wins were enough to overcome not participating in the season opener for the overall season championship.  

The ACME Cup Race Track

In late 2021, we at the ACME Companies searched far and wide to find a master craftsman/ gravity race track builder.  We finally found a little known and reclusive master wood worker in the far hills of North Carolina.  We then commissioned Bill Burger to build a new, state of the art racing facility.  Bill researched various gravity tracks in use today (pinewood derby, V8 valve cover, air-cooled valve cover, etc.).  

With 2 identical performing 11″ wide lanes and at over 28′ long with a 60 degree starting decline, the new track is very fast with many races ending in photo finishes.  

The Rules

The rules for both car specifications and race procedures are above in the menu selections.  These will be the rules and procedures for the entire 2023 season.  Please read and familiarize yourself with them.   While we applaud creativity and originality, we will require that the car conforms to the guidelines and safety required.  Designated race officials will have final say if a dispute arises.

The 2023 Race Series

We have added a 4th race for the 2023 season.  Please visit the schedule in the menu above for more information.  Links to each event are also available, click on the Race # below:

Race #1 – The Carlisle Events Import and Performance Show (Carlisle, PA – May 12-13, 2023)

Race #2 – Manx on the Hudson (Newburgh, NY – July 27-29, 2023) **

Race #3 – Manx on the Chesapeake (Upper Chesapeake Bay, MD – September 14-17, 2023) **  

Race #4 – The ACME Event “Bugs by the River” (New Cumberland, PA – September 22-24, 2023)

** Please note Race 2 and Race 3, these are Manx Club Member Only Events – You must be a Manx Club member AND registered for this event in order to compete in these two races.  For more information on becoming a member and joining the Manx Club, please click HERE.