2024 Scoring & Standings

Scoring System & 2024 ACME Cup Standings

Points are awarded for each race of the ACME Cup as detailed below.  Making it to the semi-finals ensures you a minimum of 2 points for the race.  If you achieve you advance to the final bracket, you will receive one point if you don’t progress farther.  Before the final race winner is determined, we will run an additional race with the losers of the semi-finals to determine third and fourth places accordingly.

Race 1:  May 12, 2024 at the Carlisle Import Car Show

Race 2:  To Be Determined

Race 3:  September 28, 2024 at the Bugs By The River Event at ACME Companies

Points are awarded by final race position:

First = 7 pts | Second = 4 pts | Third = 3 pts | Fourth = 2 pts | and 1 pt with advancing to the final bracket