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ByDan Mickle

Test and Tune

Test and Tune ?

You have built your magnificent Valve Cover racer, but where do you test it?  Well at Test and Tune of course.  Your friend says he can blow the wheels off your car, so how do you prove him wrong.  Test and Tune is the answer.  You really would like to know how your car stacks up against the competition, why Test and Tune will set the stage.

As part of the Acme Cup Series, we are scheduling what we are calling Test and Tune.

The night before the race, we will set up the track, provide lighting (if needed), for the purpose of test runs, socializing, and generally having a good time.  Lawn chairs, coolers, and friends are invited to gather around the track, tell stories, watch the cars run, and probably heckle the racers.  Friendly wagering may even break out.

The overall idea is to give everyone a chance to try out their cars in a friendly, low pressure atmosphere, and make friends, and laugh.

John Mickle